31 Mar 2023
Day 2 - acclimatisation and training

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We all had a short sleep, we all woke up by 9:45, in which we were a beautiful buffet breakfast was brought to us. After breakfast we all rushed to have a gander at the facilities; in the majority of our opinions, the spa and pool were high class, whilst others preferred the gym, particularly the batters (as per usual). After this we had training, however, we were met with ominous signs of a thunderstorm, along with the news of the fact we can't use the nets as they were like clay after heavy rain the night before. The training today consisted of a fielding session and each of us practiced our specialty ie, bowlers completed bowl throughs, and batters faced some TDs. Post training we were met by another buffet, but more importantly, before dinner we had a very important meeting discussing tour fines a novelty to many of us (penalties which are handed out to those who messed around, were late meetings, etc.), in which the award for a doofus of the day (and champagne moment) was announced, the skipper! Finally, after a sumptuous buffet dinner, pasta, and curry with plenty of tasty desserts available, we all were back in our rooms by 10:00, full but shattered.