30 Mar 2018
Travel to Kandy & Dambulla

After winning the first match, the 14’s were awarded with the privilege to travel first class on the train. However, due to the total lack of air conditioning the 15’s came to a conclusion not to travel in second class and instead, to travel on the coach instead. Therefore missing out on an incredible experience. The first hour saw us travel through the outskirts of Colombo, then the line began to climb through increasingly spectacular scenery, consisting of luscious vegetation and a monkey or two. The train system was very different to what we were used to, with locals walking on the train tracks and hanging on the sides off the train in contrast to the strict laws back home. Six hours after leaving Colombo, we arrived at the beautiful Amaya Lake Resort. We were greeted with tropical refreshments and were soon shown to our rooms. We thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, in a cooling swimming pool, which was followed by a quality Sri Lankan buffet.