29 Mar 2018
Match Day

The next day was hot and humid as the boys set out to their first matches. The 14s went to Colts Cricket club in high spirits, ready to experience cricket of a new level in a new climate. As the boys walked through the gates complaining of heat, they were instantly taken aback by the impressive ground that spread out before them. The airconditioned changing rooms and glorious balcony were a favourite among the boys. As we began to warm up led by the notorious Mr Cooley, the boys expected the wicket, to try and trick the opposition into thinking they knew what they were doing. As the match unfolded the sides were very equally matched, caught on Max Stanton’s impressive GoPro skills while batting, until he filmed the ball falling nicely into the fielders hands. Batting well against spin the boys chased down the Colts total ending with a tense over but due to Yuvraj Kang’s competence under pressure he hit a cool four to win the match. Both sides thoroughly enjoyed the match and the boys returned to the hotel feeling overjoyed.

The u15’s team played their first match of the tour against Wesley College on a very hot and humid day. They were fortunate to play on their first team turf pitch with very different conditions to the moors cricket ground from the previous day. The changing room was small with just enough space for the teams kit bags, it also only had one fan to keep us cool. These were really testing conditions and the team did well to bat out the overs with Ibi Afzal batting for 105 minutes in the heat! When we fielded we had a good start restricting them but unfortunately lost our way and gifted them over 50 extras. On a positive side we kept them down to under 170 off 42 overs in a 35 over game!

Everyone was grateful to get back to the hotel with enough time to have a dip in the pool. We then enjoyed burgers and other delicious food at The Commons Cafe. Admittedly we weren't that enamoured to learn of our 5.50am meet the following morning to catch the train to Kandy and onto Dambulla.