Match Report
Warwick School Boys-U12D XI vs  Loughborough Grammar School
On: Saturday, 16 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Arriving on the astro-turf there was a palpable air of of enthusiasm mixed with nerves, and that was just the parents. The U12D were in a buoyant mood and keen to start their first ever match.

The team was well balanced and keen to put their new skills to the test. Warwick dominated the first 5 minutes with all focus on the Loughborough goal. Some near misses and good saves from the opposition did not dampen the attack and after some able passing between Daniel, Moosa and Ed, Jamie was in a superb position to put home the first of the goals.

Loughborough fought back and the rest of the first half was well-matched with both teams having some attempts on goal. Special mention must be made to Ed Lawlor who held his position beautifully allowing the team to attack down the right wing - something that some of the senior teams could do with learning!

The second half brought out the best in the attack. The boys really settled into their roles and the support offered throughout the half was excellent. Additionally, the boys took on board the advice from the side lines and really made some cracking attacks that allowed Jamie to put home another 3 goals with his final goal, a beautifully executed sweep shot, coming from an excellent cross from outside the D - text book hockey!

Loughborough were an admirable opposition and continued to put the pressure on throughout the half and were rewarded with a goal in the final few minutes.

Overall, a lovely match with all players, on both teams demonstrating sportsmanship throughout. Warwick players unanimously awarded Man of the Match to Jamie Cooper.