23 Mar 2016
Culture, Coach & Chill

After another early start, (7:30) the whole squad walked to the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, where we were given a guided tour, giving us an insight into the Buddhist culture within Sri Lanka.

After this, we endured a 5 hour bus journey, far longer than our tour guide, CJ, had led us to expect. Upon arrival in Galle, we had a much needed feast of burgers and piri-piri chicken, at a local restaurant. It had been noted by our teachers that there were some very fussy eaters on tour ... they would certainly come to regret that at team meetings!! After gorging ourselves, we explored the historic fort area, including an encounter with a snake charmer and his anaconda, before getting a bird's-eye view of the Test cricket ground in Galle. After a long day of travel, we checked into the Tamarind Hill Hotel, to find out we were the only guests residing there - we thoroughly enjoyed a fine 4 course meal and total domination of the swimming pool (before dinner).