21 Mar 2016
Match Day 1 - Maliyedava College

Both teams set off to play their first match against Maliyadeva College. The U15s faced some tough opposition mixed with some poor bowling to lose their first game at Welagedara Stadium in Kurunegala. There was a good batting performance from Will Kelley who scored exactly fifty runs, his first ever for school! This was strongly backed up by a sterling performance from the numbers 10 and 11, Lester and Bromwich who managed to outscore the majority of the top order.

Close by at the College the U14s came out with a fine and resounding 8-wicket win over their U13A team, with a very good bowling and fielding performance (7 catches and a run-out), consolidated by a rapid half-century from Beresford while Hooper anchored the innings.

We all then returned to the pool to enjoy cooling down after a pretty hot day!!!